Frequently Asked Questions


Should my students be in the Recreational, Competitive, or Elite Division?

Recreational: For those students who dance 3 or fewer hours per week. This provides a less intimidating approach to the competitive experience for those dancers new to competitions or who have less experience. Recreational entries are ineligible for cash awards. Students in more than 5 group or duet/trio routines cannot enter a Recreational Solo.

Competitive: For students that participate in class and/or extra rehearsals for 3-6 hours per week.
Elite: Our Elite division is for students that participate in class and extra rehearsals for more than 6 hours per week.

*8 and under entries should be entered in Recreational or Competitive only.

I have students that are competitive and recreational in a routine. Where do I place them?

Please choose the division where the majority of your dancers fall. If you have a combination of recreational and elite dancers, please place the routine where the majority of the dancers fall or consider placing them in the competitive division.   Please use your best judgment and place students in the appropriate division. All division changes must be made prior to the first day of competition and cannot be made at the event.

 How can music be submitted?

Music can be uploaded to Dance Comp Genie up to one week before the competition. However, if uploading music you must still bring a backup to the competition! You can also submit music to the registration table at the competition. If using CD, we prefer all of your music on one master CD. Please place the tracks in order of performance and provide a playlist. We are also able to accept music on USB flash drive. Regardless of the format you prefer, you must bring a backup in a different format.   For example, if you have music on USB, please bring a backup CD or iPad just in case!

When will my child compete?

We make a custom schedule for every competition, but this is how we typically run an event:

If the event starts on Friday night, we typically start with Petite and/or Junior solos. On Saturday, we will complete Petite and Junior solo competition if needed, move to Petite and Junior Duet/Trios and then finish with Petite and Junior groups. If time permits, we will start Teen and Senior Solos and/or Duet/Trios. All Teen and Senior groups (as well as any solos or duet/trios that did not perform on Saturday) will compete on Sunday.

 When will I receive a copy of the schedule?

A tentative outline of the schedule will be posted to our website two weeks prior to the event. A detailed schedule with performance times for each routine will be emailed and mailed to you one week prior to the event.

I just received my schedule and we have a very quick costume change. What should we do?

Please see the stage manager during the event and he or she will work with you.   We try to allow at least three numbers for your students to change. Please have them do so as quickly as possible and let the stage manager know when they are ready to perform. If you have a special request that needs to be handled prior to the event, please email

I have props! When can I load them in the backstage area and is there a place to park my trailer?

Each venue is different, but most locations have an area for trailer parking. Please see the stage manager when you arrive at the event for help with props and trailers.

Are there assigned dressing rooms?

Yes, each studio will be assigned a dressing room based on the number, size, and type of entries. There is a designated Male Dressing room when space allows.

Is there an admission fee for spectators at the competition?

There is NO admission fee at the event.

What is your policy on video recording and flash photography?

As a safety precaution, flash photography is always prohibited! Videotaping and photography is not allowed when a videographer or photographer is contracted by ENCORE DCS. Thank you for complying with these rules and helping us protect teacher choreography.

Does every performer receive an award?

YES! Everyone that performs on the Encore stage receives an award. In addition to recognizing 1st-5th place in each category, every routine is recognized with a Silver, Gold, High Gold, Platinum or Diamond placement. See the Prizes page on our website for details.